How to sow seeds?

birdsnbloomsNovember 14, 2006

I started my orignal Clivia from seeds, they were from a nursery.

Here's my question..After flowers fade and berry's form, do you set the whole berry in soil or remove the outter layer?

SEveral yrs back, I set the entire berry in a terrarium and it germinated but took a long time. Is there a quicker way to do this? thanks, Toni

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dries(South Africa)

Here is a link that may be useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Growing Clivia from seed

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I wait till the berries are soft, remove the outer covering and then the inner membrane and plant the seeds in a tray. I just use commercial potting mix.

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I ordered seeds so they didn't have any coating. I read so much conflicting advice on germination that I just went with what the person I bought them from recommended. That was to plant them, lightly moisten the soil, cover the pot with something to keep the light out and keep them at around 65 F. They did germinate after quite a long time and as my previous post stated they are the slowest growing plant I've ever seen! They were planted this summer and the biggest is only about 2" tall now. I love growing plants from seed but this is ridiculous. My eyesight will have probably gone by the time the damn things are blooming size! lol

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dries(South Africa)

Clivia takes 4 years to flower from seed. Yes, it is a long time but worth it!!

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The way these are growing I'd be surprised if they reach the 6" mark by 4 years! lol Do they ever get a growth spurt or speed up growth at all? Is it normal for my seedlings to still be so tiny .5" to 2"? They came up within a few weeks of each other at the beginning of August. The leaves are a burgandy color, not green and yes, they are still alive. Thanks for any info. Even though I'm constantly cursing their slow growth I really do want them to live : )

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Yes its frustrating!! This seedling is a year old! Will it ever bloom lol!!

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