Overwintering Caladium

aezarien(7b)June 19, 2008

heh.. I am already trying to plan out space in the house and my unheated greenhouse. I'm just wondering what to do with these guys when the time comes. Has anyone had luck leaving them in the ground with a layer of mulch? If you dig them up, when do you usually do it and has anyone brought them in the house for the winter? Any clues will be greatly appreciated.


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tamelask(z8a NC)

I believe if you do a search we had a thread last fall or spring that discussed this. What i do is keep the bulbs in pots and then take those pots after the bulbs die back in fall and store them on top of my upright freezer (that generates just a little heat) in my basement, kept completely dry, all winter. Bring them out in spring, water and they come back to life, happy & healthy most years. The year i stored them on the floor they died- they need the extra oomph of the freezer. I seem to have lost most of them this winter for some reason, but it works 9 years out of 10. If you have some in the ground you'll have to dig those up and put them in sawdust or dryish peat and store them the same way or even at room temps in the house. keep the media dry or they'll rot. Without anything around them, they tend to dry out a bit too much. I had a few i'd dug and put in my greenhouse with the intention of adding them to the pots and lost them when my greenhouse had a heating problem and slipped down to 25 one night.

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I used to save them by wrapping in newspaper, putting them all in a cardboard box, then putting that in the baement, which does stay above freezing, usually in the 50's or higher. I also did this with gingers and cannas. I even did the same with three Peruvian lilies, which I forgot for three seasons...remembered and got them out this spring, planted them, and they all came up. One even bloomed!!

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Thank you both for the information. I only have four in the ground at the moment so digging them up and storing them shouldn't be a problem.

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