What can I plant now?

micronthecat(7, North Carolina)June 29, 2009

Have just cleared out a raised bed that used to have peas and potatoes. What is something that is edible (don't say Squash!) that I can plant now, and it'll live through the heat? I'm near Greensboro.



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Basil, peppers and eggplants (from transplants); green beans, cucumbers, crowder peas (might be a little late for the peas, but worth a shot if you have the space.)

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Do like Bubba suggests...or leave it "fallow" for now and plant it with fall/winter crops in another month or two. There's almost always 1/4 of my garden area (150 sf of raised beds) that's empty for seasonal rotations. Right now, I've got a large empty space where my garlic was...I'll plant some combo of broccoli, brussels, kale and collards there later this year.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

I vote for fallow too since it's a raised bed and what it's most likely to grow best at this time of year is weeds that will compete for whatever rainfall we get in this heat.
Hope you chopped up the pea plants and turned them back into the soil.
Late August through September is a better time to plant the second crops.

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I would agree leaving it fallow might be a great decision to make....but, if you are just itching to get something in there....you could plant your second round of tomatoes or Okra.
I think the ideal planting time for both crops would have been June 15th...but, if you were going to leave it empty anyway...it wouldn't hurt to put some transplants out and maybe getting a half crop ( perhaps a full crop) of each.

I just put out my second crop of tomato transplants about two weeks ago, and they are doing great.
I planted my Okra a little too early....so it struggled for over a month...but, it too is now well on it's way to producing some great plants.

I'm more one of those..."well why not" kinda gardeners though...how did your potatoes turn out? I wanted to try and start some plants next Feb., but, I've never done it before.

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quirkpod(7 Lewisville NC)

Mustard greens have gone to seed and are already germinating in my garden here in Lewisville. I let this happen each year with great results. I also continue to plant Sunflower seeds for a little while longer now. If anyone wants the list of Winter hardy annual flowers that need sowing now, email me.

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July 4th is a great time to start Halloween pumpkins.

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micronthecat(7, North Carolina)

Thanks to everyone who has responded to this thread. I'm just gonna let it sit fallow until time for fall stuff - don't have the energy to deal. :)

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