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quest(8)June 24, 2012

My Sheriffs' department recommends planting

thorny plants beneath ground level windows for

security purposes. Which plants would you suggest

for that purpose in the Carolinas??

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Barberry. They come in green (yellow I think) and reddish maroon. Attractive bushes with Very nasty long thin sharp thorns.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Barberry aren't much deterrent thorn-wise. As kids we called them pricker bushes. A burglar with a tarp has no problem getting past pricker bushes.
Lots of them are deciduous so if you make a mistake in choice you have a bare foundation all winter.
Then you yourself can't easily get to the windows to wash them, repair them, paint your house, spray for bugs, have termite treatments done etc.
Today's burglars are more likely to kick in your front door..smash and grab.

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I wouldn't plant thorny bushs outside of my windows
just because the sheriff said to.
What is the purpose of it?
Most thieves come right thru the front door, it isn't
hard, they know how to do it.
The best protection for when you are home, is a gun.
After a gun, a big nasty dog. Or little barkers, they
hate barkers.
I saw a show on tv that gave you easy ways to protect
your home against invasion.
They say don't create privacy to the back yard.
No fences leading to the backyard, so you can see it
from the street. (I don't like this one).
No big shrubs hiding the front door of your house.
They said keep it open and use a light at night, every night.
They said no sheds or anything that someone can use
to get into a second floor.
All out buildings, ladders, ect away from the house.
They also said that dogs are a BIG deterrent to having
your home robbed. Little loud barkers are highly recommended.
On another note, what would you do in a fire?
Jump into really thorny bushes to get out of the house?
Just my two cents for what it's worth.

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