Should I be worried about these?

Geeklet42(7)July 25, 2012

After the bit with my older cactus, I'm a bit on the paranoid side. I just unpotted all of my plants so that I can put them back into better soil. I went to get some pictures of the roots, and found a few splotches I thought I'd ask about. If they're fine, yay, but at least the Tiger Jaws I'm definitely concerned about.

Hibotan/Moon Cactus. Not sure if the picture quite gets it, but there are white flakes all around the bottom of the top plant. Is this normal since it's the area getting the least sun?

<img width="500" data-gwi="591487" src="" class="img-external" />

Balloon Cactus (Parodia magnifica). There are small brown lines running up the crevices between the ribs on the cactus. Is this worrisome?

Tiger Jaws \- Faucaria tigrina. There are a few small brown spots on the bottom and sides of the petals. There's also a line that looks like a crack or scrach along the bottom.

<img width="500" data-gwi="591493" src="" class="img-external" />

<img width="500" data-gwi="591495" src="" class="img-external" />
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1. That looks like scale
2. No, but if you're watering weekly you might consider watering every ten days - that one doesn't want a lot of water in the summer.
3. Those look like pot burns.

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