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bunti(7)December 13, 2012

I do have few clivia plants, chinese and non chinese.

One of my chinese plant haas been blooming for last 3 years. when i have fot the plant, they are in good shape. they are growing good, at the same time leaves are turning yellow.

THis year my chinese clivia has a shoot, it didn't come out of leaves.

What should i do to have longer flower stem?
Why my leaves are turning yellow. I have kept them in master bathroom window, has enought light and humidity and watering frequently too.

one of the clivia plant has grown big in the pot. roots has grown so much the pot is now became round at the bottom. I have read clivias are pot bounded. I don't know whether to move it to bigger pot or not. Right now, its blooming. Its the plant in the photo.

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short flower stem means the plant did not have sufficiently long period of cold - more time in cold stage = longer stem. usually about a month of cold temp 40-50 and dry, will create nice long stem.
the leaf looks like a ?sunburn - but i'm not really sure 100% - try turning the plant around and see if it gets better or worse - that will test my theory - paul m.

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