What crosses did you do this season

karyn1(7a)October 5, 2010

I haven't have much besides pinks to chose from so far. I have several pods on Emerald Frost and a couple on Day Dreams but I doubt they'll ripen before I have to dig them up. I have a couple pods on a container grown Madeline that were pollinated by EF. I'm not sure if I'll let those ripen or not because the Madeline is big and both are single pinks. About the only pod that I'm really interested in growing is a Super Spot x NOL. Thankfully SS is in a container and not very big so I can let it ripen in the GH. Of course now all the brugs are holding buds but it's too late in the season to do much. Swingtime and Lemon Meringue are a manageable size and in pots so I'll try to pollinate those. If they take I'll keep them going too.

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I have pods on potted Inca Sun down in my basement grow room. One pod,pollen parent is Doosie,almost ripe,and the other pollen parent is NH Dble Peach,not as far along.Should be interesting if either one takes on Inca Suns profuse blooming habit. Would love to have lots of I S blooms with the scent of the dbl peach,or the doubles of doosie with I S profusion. I just hope they hang on with the reduced light of my growroom,scince they were out in the bright sun all summer.
Dan in Pa zone 5

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I didn't do much crossing because most of the crosses I made last year are stil sitting around, probably never to be grown out, lol.

I have the following pods growing:
NOL x Jacayna
Jacayna x NOL
Tootsie x Inca Sun
Rosalie x Tootsie

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Awe I'm so behinde lol I only did one.
Rosalie x Isabelle
I did a isabelle x rosalie to but I lot that pod I think my cat snuck it away.


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chena(z8 Texas)

Anything here will be open pollinated..Sounds like ya'll have some good X's going tho!

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

zone five people-
at what point do your brugs start blooming? are they kept growing all year? mine never seem to want to bloom till just before it freezes. this year i'm not going to see any flowers, all of the buds got froze. there were several that were so close too. i've about given up on getting my own seeds lol.

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Cody, They bloom on and off all season, most starting around the end of June or beginning of July. I have let mine go dormant, but might try them under lights this year.
Maybe you need to try some different brugs. Some are picky and don't bloom much or at all.
My most reliable ones are New Orleans Lady, Inca Sun, Dola, and Apricot Riese.

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I crossed a huge white noid with Creamsickle, and Versi Peach. Unfortunately, I didn't label the seed pod. dummy me! But I sowed seed from it this spring, and have this plant with very huge dark oval shaped leaves- looks like a pink so far, and it has 2 equal sub equal leaves with tiny flower buds on it today. Can't wait! I'll post photos when it opens.

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Kasha don't feel bad. I forget to label most of my pods and when I do something usually happens to the labels. lol I just have so few pods this season that it's easy to keep track.

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