Growing Clivias in the ground

regine_gwDecember 30, 2006

My Clivia has been in the ground about 4 years but has not bloomed. It bloomed once when I had it in the pot but not in the ground. It's in a shady spot and has a good number of leaves which are a good size. Aren't they supposed to bloom in the ground?

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dries(South Africa)

Clivias normally grow and flower better in the ground as opposed to pots. What area are you in? All I can think is that you are in a tropical area and you do not have enough drop in temperature for a long enough period?

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I'm in South Florida,in the West Palm Beach area.I didn't think they needed such a big drop in temperature in order to bloom but that makes sense. Thank you.

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vireyafl(710 FL)

I am in the West Palm Beach area, actually Jupiter and my Clivia, growing in the ground under an oak tree, bloomed last spring.

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they want cooler temps and/or druoght under the winter months and if they gets that it will stimulate them to blossom

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It seems like when my neighbors put theirs in the ground, they put out more plants than they would in a pot.
I had one that bloomed, then was moved around &/or treated poorly & did not bloom for 6 years. It is now in a happy location & blooming yearly.
I am in the same zone but a different coast. Some of mine are just beginning to bud.

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fireflyintexas(z8 TX)

I gulped and then planted my newly bought clivia directly into the ground in a well-draining, dappled sun area two years ago. Last year all it did was make pups, and this year, it is in full bud, about to break out in blooms! And, except for the natural leaf litter covering it got this winter (one that saw temps in the low 20s) it has a bit of leaf freeze burn, but it is fine and about to be beautiful. So if you have a pup on a potted clivia, try it in the ground...out of the wind, but able to get some lower temps to push it into bloom. Good luck!

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so, ok, I'm in 8b and I have areas in my yard that rarely freeze. Some spots haven't frosted in like five years and all are shaded. amarylis does great in the ground here but I've always heard it was to cold here for clivia. Not wanting yet another huge honking pot to haul in for the winter, I've avoided them. You guys think I should try it? be honest-- I promise I won't hold you responsible for any untimely floral demise.

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I'm 9b, this year mine bloomed. We had a cooler, wetter winter than last year. Though one bloomed the year before & we had a really mild winter. I had no idea they needed any cold either. Maybe keep them in a pot and put them in the fridge? My DH would really have a fit then!
launch6, stick it in the ground!
Tally HO!

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