Clivia Seed

birdsnbloomsDecember 3, 2007

I've got a few questions regarding Clivia seeds.

My clivia has 7 seed. Two turned red, but they're really tiny and dry..Will these seeds germinate?

The other 5 are large but still green..Do the seeds have to turn red to germinate or will green do?

If they have to be red, can I remove the the stem that berry's are on or should it remain on the plant?

I promised seeds to a few friends, therefore want to send fertile seeds..Thanks, Toni

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Hi Toni, if you mean the other 5 are green,yes they need to ripen. 5?? Thats awesome!! The tiny and dry ones probably are goners, but the others sound ok. I have 2 little seedlings right now, and its really easy to plant them. When the seed pods are ripe [red], they should hold around 2 or more seeds.You take them out of the red pod,wash them,and slightly push them in to your seeding mix. Cover them if you want ,and pretty soon you will see a root, and then leaves. sorry for being sooo long winded, these clivia plants are anouther fav!!lol ps here is a pic of ripe seed pods....

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Hey Beetle..sorry I didn't get to you sooner, but didn't press the button where emails pop up via email..
I see how red your seeds are..How much time before you remove them? Are you going to sow yours?
Your Clivia looks great.
Is your plant in a warm or cool room? and does heat make a difference getting seeds to redden? I've got my Clive in a cool room, resting..The berry's are facing the window...if that makes a difference???
One larger seed is pink, but not red..I'll leave on though, as you advise..Thanks, so much..Toni

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Hi Toni, sounds like you are doing great! Your pink seed pod is almost ready, when its is fairly red is when i would take the seeds out. I would think that it would'nt make much difference what temp. room, your probably better off with your coolish room.As long as the light coming through your window wasn't hot, i don't think the berries would be harmed. Thanks for the compliment to my 'precious' lol, and those seeds are planted and growing well. Good luck with yours!! Are you going to post any pics of the wee ones? Have a good night, beet

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