Pull off leaves to encourage growth?

abohmsMarch 26, 2014

I have a small meyer lemon seedling about three months old now. It grew four new leaves fairly quick however now it seems to be doing nothing. Is it too early to prune a leave off to encourage growth? My plant is receiving plenty of water & light, also a very healthy green so I'm not sure what it could be, thanks!

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krismast(6 S.E. PA)

Please try to post some picture so we can help you better. Picking off leaves doesn't encourage growth, but pruning does. Judging by what you have said I would say it's too early to cut anything. Keep doing what you're doing and as long as it is healthy it will push new growth. Citrus grows in flushes so eventually it will put out new leaves!


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Thank you Kris, I have attached a photo, the seedling at the top is the one I'm referencing. I am very much a rookie at this so while I am at it when would be ideal to transplant this into something bigger? Thanks again

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

More sure, 1/2 strength fertilizer and patience. Don't pull off leaves, you barely have any to start with, and this would not do anything to increase growth rate. Your little seedlings need ALL of their leaves to continue to grow. Be sure not to have the soil get too wet or stay too wet, or you'll tamp off your seedlings. They're fine now, but as they grow, you'll eventually want to move them up to a 1 gal pot.

Patty S.

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Great thank you Patty I appreciate the advice

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I think its very cute..I have a few like that..I'd leave it in it's pots unless the mix breaks down and let the roots fill in..
I'd also fertilize quite a bit encouraging good growth this year...It's nicw and green and healthy looking. Good job

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