My Clivia has yellowing leaves . Help !

patrickalan(Zone 6/NJ)December 18, 2006

I have a Clivia. Blooming size. About 12-leaves. I read that to induce flowering, you need to let the plant go dormant and withhold watering. So, in November, I stopped watering. I read I could resume watering in February. Well, my leaves are all yellowing....

what do I do now ???



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dries(South Africa)

For old leaves to go yellow is normal but not new growth. Is it possible for you to post a photo?

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I have a clivia that is 10 yrs. old, the tips of the leaves are brown and lower part are yellow.
What can I do, should I remove those leaves that are bad, or should I just cut out the bad spots?
Thank you,

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WEll here is my suggestion....I use to have the same problem ...Then I spoke to a women who lives in China who knows more than any of us about these plants and she said never lets a clivia go completely dry. U give less water but enough for the roots to drink something. If you let them go with out water for that long then resume watering on dehydrated roots..You bring on root wrot. Yellowing leaves is a sign of poor watering habits nad lack of water or root rot.They are usually a tough plant to kill. But, once the roots start to rot, watch out. Take your plant and see what the root system looks like. If they are wrinkled up, black, or moushy, or hollow, YOu have killed the roots by withholding water to long. Just litely water when they are dorment, when you take them out of dormancy, Then soak the plant goodand fertilize. Give them a good drink and let dry out between waterings.
They also have to have some light.Not complete darkness like the way we treat bulbs. I cut my lites down to about 6 hours by Febraury with florescent bulbs,and then an extra hour of lite a day by the time spring comes on timers of course. They need sum lite. Just a few hours of it... During dormancy...Hope this helps.
And yes I get beautiful flowers.

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