Contemplating purchasing seed.

cocoabeachloraxDecember 13, 2011

I'm smitten with Clivia and am getting more and more curious about starting some from seed. However, I'm not one for operating room sterile procedure, misters, warmers, etc. . Anything I've started from seed got some careful TLC and just my nice sunny eastern exposure window sill.

So... will Clivia seed sprout under such low tech conditions ? If I were to order seed, what would it look like when it arrives ? What do I do to start it ? Any and all words of wisdom are greatly appreciated.

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Four months ago, I didn't know a Clivia from a big leek. and since then I have bought some blooming-size plants. I haven't the patience to start these plants from seed, which can take at least 3-5 years for the first flowering cycle. You'll have a long wait.
This being said, there are some wonderful hybrids and even more seed out there waiting to be purchased. Clivia seed is no more difficult to germinate than most other seeds. A good sterile mix, some warm temps. and you're off on a new growing experience.
If it were me, I'd just buy a small division of a plant and grow it until it blooms. Good Clivia seed from superior genetic crosses, is not cheap, and near-blooming size plants might be cheaper than some seeds...and that's the price of an individual seed. Try CliviaUSA for seeds and small plants. Check out this site!
You're best bet is to do a quick search for Clivia miniata seed/germination methods, and you'll find plenty written about this subject.
If you grow this plant correctly, you'll have plants that will outlast you and I, and bloom for decades to come. I recently saw a clump of plants growing in a local nursery that was at least 80 years old, and still going/growing strong....a plant "friend" for life. What could be better?
Hope this might help, and good luck with the seed thing. Try it. What do you have to lose?


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How to germenat clivia seeds.

The easiest way to germinate clivia seeds is as follow. U will need 1 plastic container that was washed with something to sterilise it some tissue paper. The type that you use in the kitchen. Some clivia seeds and a spray bottle. Cut the tissue paper so that it fits in the bottom of the plastic container.

Put the clivia seeds on the tissue paper and spray it 4 times with the spray bottle.Close the container and put it on the freezer at the back by the grit. The grit gifs heat of that will keep the temperature inside the container at the right temperature to germinate the clivia seeds.

Check one�s a week if it is still wet. If there is water on the lid or on the containers in side don�t wet it. Only spray more water on it if it is dry on the lid and inside the container. Don�t make it to wet you will lose the seeds if it is too wet.

Check it ever week and when the roods are between 1.5 cm or 2cm plant them with the seed still on. The seed must be on top of the soil leaf the seed on the small plant it gets food from the seed. It will dry out and fall of when there is no more food for the seedling inside it. By this time the seedling will have 1 or 2 strong roods and will be babel to take up food and water from the soil where it is planted in.

We don�t use this method any more because we germinate between 1000 to 3000 seeds per year at the moment. We use special wood geminating boxes than we have made for the clivia seeds now.

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Germinating clivia seeds is very easy and simple..if I can do it successfully anybody can.
First soak your seeds for several hours in a mixture of captan & water or you can use diluted hydrogen peroxide (1pt to 2pts water) I have used both.

I use fresh vermiculite which has been moistened with the captan & water mix..keep it on the dry side but thoroughly moistened. Just sit the seeds on the surface and mark them and cover them. Hopefully, your cover will be transparent so you can watch the germination. Place the container of seeds in non sunny place and wait. It may take a few weeks or several weeks or more. You can put it in the sun for 1/2 hour or so only and condensation will appear on the cover which helps to keep the seeds moist but wet.

I have had good a experience buying seeds on Ebay from Greentreasures and Clivia USA. If you should detect any mold on any of the seeds while they are still germinating (which can happen occasionally) remove the seed, wash the mold off in water and then soak again in a captan/water mixture. I was able to cure mold on 2 seeds this way that went on to sprout. Only if you receive an old seed will you have trouble with germination. Of about 100 seeds that I bought or were given to me only about 5 didn't sprout. Unfortunately a super expensive seed was shriveled when I received it and it finally started to germinate only to succumb to rot..can't win them all.

Beware of buying small plants! One vendor on Ebay (one that was NOT mentioned above) sends out plants with Mealy Bugs..a little extra for your money that you can do without! I think I have finally won the battle as these were small seedlings but I still keep these separate from the rest of my brood.

We all have our individual methods of germinating so do what is easiest for you and good luck!


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