Alstroemeria-Lily of Peru

deebie(SC 8a)June 3, 2009

Has anyone in zone 8a have success in growing the above. I bought some cheap but the stems are turning and I'm not sure why. I don't think I'm overwatering them and they are in full sun. Help.

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I have mine in a pot. I keep it on the dry side in a full sun location.

When it starts to look a little scraggly I cut back the plant. I cut all the open flowers and use them inside...and then cut all the flower stems and no so good looking leaves off.

For a couple of days your plant will look a little.....small. But, it won't take very long for it to then fill out and send up new flower buds.

If a trim doesn't help I'd suggest checking out the tubers and making sure they are okay.
How big is it? It may need to be thinned out.
I'd let it dry out a bit, then trim it. If the tubers are not declining, that should take care of your problem.

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deebie(SC 8a)

Thanks for the info. I am so sorry that I didn't remember to review and respond to this message sooner. I'd been out of town for a while. Unfortunately, I had already read somewhere (saw on a video actually) that you're supposed to yank the stems out, and that's what I did. Its been a few weeks and I see very little happening. I'll check the roots to see what's going on per your suggestion. I kept having the bad feeling that I was yanking out part of the roots. I also did a lot of yanking, as the whole pot was in bloom about the same time.

I bought several 1 gal. plants that I planted, orange, purple and yellow, They was on clearance at Lowes for $2 marked down from $16.00 after most of the blooms faded. I think I went a little crazy because I had been wanting this plant for so long. Few people bought them not knowing what they were. I had flowers return on the yellow.

I also have a varigated yellow that is still in a pot and oh, a pink that I divided and shared with a friend. The pink is growing better than the others, maybe because it's the first one I bought and I didn't yank the stems.

By the way, I was under the impression that they weren't short plants, but all of mine are. Are yours? Thanks again for letting me know that I can just cut back the stems which I will do in the future.

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Mine is pretty short...I would say mine is about 8 inches tall or so.

When you pulled out the flower stalks...did you also pull out fleshy white stuff?

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I'm in zone 7 but I have two varieties. A yellow called Sweet Laura and a variegated one that I don't know the name of. They are no brainers for me.


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deebie(SC 8a)

Yes I did pull up white fleshy stuff. Please don't give me any bad news. The woman on the video said doing this is supposed to stimulate the plant to put out more shoots because it thinks it's injured. . She mentioned pulling it out like rhubarb. She also demonstrated this on the video. Oh how I wish I could locate the website with the video. Better yet, I wish I'd posted to this forum first.

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Those white thick things are the tubers the plant grows from.
If you pulled those up, you have no more plant.

I think I know which video you are talking was from Yolanda Van Veen.
If you pull out the flower stalk directly instead of deadheading it will promote more blooms....but, only the stalk of the everything including the tuber.

I'm sorry!

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rlkarper(Z6 - PA)

The deer really like these plants. Will be digging mine up to put in pots closer to the house next year.

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dtpforu(7a NC)

I'm in zone 7a. If you put Alstromeria in pots, can you leave them out in the winter? I've been dragging one of mine into the greenhouse every winter, but now I need the space for other things. Plus I want to start seed about January and need space in the greenhouse for that.

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I have some clear-colored red ones from John from a swap couple years back. They multiply and bloom prolifically in a raised bed in dappled shade, with water if it rains. I have not liked some of the dirty pinks and reds, but John's is just peachy - I mean red.

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