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karyn1(7a)October 28, 2011

I have a few non hardy banana plants. At least I don't think they are cold hardy. Kylie you sent me a couple of them. Can I leave them in the ground until the frost kills back the foliage? We'll have a killing frost well before the ground freezes.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Karyn I wouldn't.. You can just cut the leaves off of the pseudo stem allow it to dry out for a week or to and store it dormant..That way you start off with a go start for growth next yr..

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chena(z8 Texas)

Make sure the Crom in dry or it might rot on ya! Most can be stored at around 40*

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Oops. Well it looks like they might get snowed on this evening. I just didn't have the energy to do anything today. Besides the fact that my back was killing me after yesterday's moving marathon I had several hours of running around this morning and I was too wiped out to do anything when I got home. I started cutting brugs and after 10 minutes I said scr*w this. If I didn't have the energy to cut the plants back I certainly wasn't going to start digging them up. I can't believe that we're supposed to have accumulating snow. It's not supposed to snow here until at least Dec! The forecast was originally for flurries that weren't supposed to stick. I hate the weatherman too.

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chena(z8 Texas)

We got frost last night so I'm waiting for the Brugs to look like wilted spinach the Banana's should be alright just from ambient heat from the house.

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Hi, Kylie...I've taken three nice pups from my HUGE musa
that is suppose to be hardy here, however, I did lose one

  1. I think the area was much too wet during the winter.
    They look good ...I made sure to get a nice piece of root
    on each. I'm tempteded to take the remaining pup out. Advice, please :):).
    Good luck, Karyn!!
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chena(z8 Texas)

Margaret I would dig it and pot it up if you have the space ..if not dry (good) it and stick it in a paper bag and put it in the closet or something.. I have read about people the use bubble wrap for protection but I have never tried that..I think they were talking about Brugs and most banana's are more Tender than that.. I have lost Basjoo's which are hardy just to the wet Winter and they rotted even with a heavy mulch..


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Thank you....frost got the leaves last night...however...
it should be fine if I take it up tomorrow. Believe me,
I'm making space.

It's a bit early..but...HAPPY HOLIDAYS :):).


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Even though we had snow and most plants look like wet kleenex the banana foliage looks great. It might be because they are close to the house and the brick radiated some warmth. I still haven't dug anything up. it's too cold out there for me. Temps are supposed to be back near 60 by Tuesday.

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Karyn- I wish I could be there to help you!

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