How to get blooms

kwie2011July 30, 2014

What kind of fertilizer is best for potted succulents if you actually want them to bloom?

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I use Schultz Cactus & Succulent fertilizer (2.7.7.). Following the direction on the box seems okay, but most will probably dilute it to even less. They need very low nitrogen fertilizers. Most succulents need little to none fertilizers, but they can sure benefit from a bit of it (once a month?). Mesembs (Lithops, Pleiospilos, Fenestraria, Argyroderma), on the other hand, shouldn't be fertilized..

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Thanks, David!

I hope to grow some Mesembs one day, so that extra little nugget about their care is appreciated.


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No problem! My growing condition isn't optimal for blooming either, but so far I'm having some luck. One Lithops, one Pleiospilos, and Anacompseros have bloomed, with my Senecio and rescue key lime pie getting ready for some action. But then again I've only been growing succulents for a bit over 2 months, so probably can't take all the credit.

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

I think little to none fertilizer is overstating it. While they can definitely get by on minimal nutrients, none is right out. It is just that when growers include an organic fraction its decomposition provides a slow trickle of fertilizer to the plants in sufficient quantity for at least maintenance. If you put the plant in straight pumice and don't provide nutrients in any way, the plant will die.

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