Sensory Gardens for People with Dementia

Michael JessupJanuary 23, 2002

I work in a home for people with Dementia. We are currently involved with building a sensory garden. If anyone has any information or other web addresses, involving Sensory Gardens.What we basically need is some planting advice.

cheers Mike.

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I found this through

Good Luck!

ps: If this isn't what you were looking for, go to the above link and type "Sensory Garden" in the search box.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sensory garden link

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what do you need?
Email me. I do garden alot, from seeds. Not rich but I do have experience and may be able to help.
How many people are involved in this project to help you?
Do you have plants sourced?
Just wondering if I could help in any way.
I live in Dalgety Bay, Scotland.


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Hi Mike,
I was just wondering if you have time to provide/post an update on your sensory garden. It may be of benefit to others and as gardening interest is perking up at this time of year you may find more help to your questions.


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I would think that you might put in some herbs such as
rosemary and oregano. These are prolific growers, and you
can release a lovely aroma by simply picking and crushing a

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I am an activities co-ordinator of a care home that specialises in people with dementia. We have a sensory garden. I have looke up a few things about plants for the 5 senses. and structures for around the garden. email me if you want any ideas that we may have from our sensory garden.

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hi mike I too am in the process of making a sensory garden for people with dementia my ideas are, herbs, lavander, wind chimes colourful ornaments maybe a walk way, a plastic green house to see a quick growing process,make the garden seasonal so residents can see and smell the change in seasons. You should plant crocus bulbs, snow drop bulbs tulips and daffodils to come through in the spring etc. we are also building a raised bed for easy vegetable growing. I would love to hear your ideas too. alyson

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Sensory gardens are quickly becoming a popular topic for community hubs, care homes and recovery centres and itâÂÂs because of their proposed benefits for communities of all types. Sensory gardens are designed to provide sensory enjoyment and stimulation in order to aid mental and physical development and rehabilitation of the garden users involved. One of the most important aspects of a sensory garden is that it is accessible to everyone and should cater to a wide audience including those that are mentally and physically disabled.

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