ideas for childrens area?

WestEnder(z7 Atlanta GA)January 16, 2007

Our new community garden is starting to fill in; we have built 6 of our 12 raised beds and our membership quota is almost full. A couple of our members have babies and I had thought our children's area would probably consist of a sandbox or small play area for them. But now I am discovering that our garden might actually be a magnet for older children in the neighborhood, which is a delightful surprise. I've noticed children from ages about 6 up into their teens coming by repeatedly to look into the garden. Can anyone offer ideas or their experiences with children's areas and activities in your community garden? We have serious space limitations, but I want to fit something in to take advantage of any interest our neighborhood kids have in gardening.

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iowgardenangel(zn5 IA)

we made a small alice in wonderland garden, we got a cheap little gitl on a bench she was painting, put minture red roses by it.[ painting roses red]found an uprite rabbit, had lily of valley like in book etc.used a resin cat dish looked like chsire cat used it as bird feeder, took teapot big barrell and big tea cup n saucer from y sale , made a tea pot fountain, alittle much for your space but gives you an idea any nursery ryme or childs book can give you idea. kids loved it.

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we are thinking of a sunflower house and a bean teepee - not sure on the size, but you could make as big or little maybe?

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How about a musical corner with objects hanging from branches or a frame of some sort..things that blow in the wind like chimes or are 'played' by the children..hanging colourful containers/bottles, with different levels of water/sound etc? We have similar in our local nursery school.

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remember to put in lots of fountains so the children can get wet. and dont forget the toys

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