Are these mealies or???

rina_July 30, 2012

I just noticed something white on my cylindropuntia subulata (?)

Are they dreaded mealybugs?

Nothing seems to be moving, I chcked with magnifying glass too.

As a first aid I just sprayed with 70:30 mix of rubbing alcohol & water. Should they be out of sun for a while because of rubbing alcohol?

I checked all pots around, so far didn't see anything similar. But as a precaution - should I spray them all?

I googled how to control them, but I am looking for any first-hand suggestions.



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Is that opuntia subulata monstrose? Anyway does it ooze red juices when poked? If so i usually just poke them to kill them, or squirting with jet is usually enough to get them blown off

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you are probably right with ID (it didn't have a name when bought).
I don't know abour red juices, I only sprayed & also wiped off with a q-tip. It all came off easy. Will check in the daylight.


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