Trellis netting OK for Nelly Moser?

etrsi_645(5)April 12, 2013

I bought two of these from last year's stock at a local nursery. They are looking pretty weakly at the moment; I just fertilized them with a seedling strength liquid fertilizer. I will amend our clay-ish soil with some compost in the next week or so and plant them.

Will trellis netting be strong enough to hold them up? I will be training these two and several Chilean Glory vines close to our wooden deck. The netting proves to be much less expensive than the several wooden or plastic trellises which I would need.

Also should I plant then as a slightly raised mound because my soil will probably not be the best draining at this time.??

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I have used trellis netting for clematis and found that it will support the clematis if the netting is supported well so it doesn't sag. One concern is that removing the old vines will sometimes cause the netting to tear . I replaced the netting with wire or wire trellis which while more expensive is long lasting.

Keep in mind it can take several years for a clematis to mature to full size. Pinching new growth will encourage branching and more stems from the ground. Search for pinching or pruning on this site for more info. Also be sure to plant them deep. There are many posts about planting that discuss this.

To search the forum go to the bottom of the discussion page and fill in the search box.

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ok, thanks, I will look at a netting wire perhaps...eventually I would like to use all trellis, but I need at least 20 lineal feet I think for clematis and Chilean Glory vines. I am trying to save money until I see that all this vineing is something I can handle.

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