A kindness from another continent

pennyhal(11Sunset23)July 11, 2012

Sometimes I do a kindness for another without every expecting anything in return. Just knowing it has made another happy is enough. This past week a kindness returned to me from a very special friend contained in a box...

Me the day it arrived

What's in it


Lapidaria margarethae & Echeveria Black "Knight'

Echeveria pulidonis blue leaf form

Cotyledon ladismithiensis variegated white & green & Echeveria lucite

Graptopetalum 'amethystinum' & Echeveria aquarius

Sansevieria 'moonglow'

Echeveria setosa var. deminuta & Echeveria hybrid (E. carnicolor x diffractens

Three of these plants are from families I have never grown before. I will learn new things about other plant families as the year goes by.

This gift has warmed my heart and tickled my toes!

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Love the Haworthia Chocolat, Echeveria pulidonis, aquarius and Lapidaria. Seems like you have some great plants there, and in the background as well (1st pic). You reap what you sow, Penny, seems to be a good description. Well done!

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Awesome Haworthia!! Beautiful. What a great surprise. You have every right to be over the moon. Love that E. setosa form too; I've never seen it in person.

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Oh yes! I'm in heaven. I go outside and just stare at them. Fortunately we have some high ocean fog that keeps the temperature down for a couple of days, so they aren't having to put up with hot full sunny days while they adjust. Then they'll go into the semi-sunny part of the yard after a few days while I decide on their permanent spot.

Three of them are in plant families I've never grown before, so I'm reading up on their culture so I don't kill them! The Haworthia, Lapidaria margarethae, and Sansevieria will increase my plant knowledge.

They were shipped from Kara Cactus in Oregon and arrived in perfect shape.

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