Succulents falling apart

tduvallJuly 24, 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm quite new to growing succulents (and even newer to this forum) and I'm in need of some help so I can save my plants.

I have a small bunny ears cactus I bought from Lowes about 6 months ago, and a coppertone sedum I purchased at a local plant sale about 3 months ago. Both have been doing very well until about a week or two ago.

The cactus recently began dropping pads. It had grown several new pads since I brought it home, and most recently several tall, thin, light green new growths spouting straight up out of the pads. About a week ago pads began falling off. At first I thought they were too heavy with the new growth because I found three had fallen off while I was at work one day, but then I accidentally bumped the table where the cactus is growing and more fell off! They don't appear to be rotting and overall look very healthy. Why is this happening to my cactus, and can I regrow the pads that have fallen off?

My sedum has a similar problem, except I'm noticing some of its leaves are shriveling up then falling off, although others (seemingly healthy) fell off when I bumped said table.

I water both plants less than one time a week with a couple of table spoons of water. I try to be careful not to over water, although I've read that underwater causes succulents to shed parts in order to save the plant as a whole.

Any advice you can provide would be very welcome. I love having these plants in my home and would like to take the best possible care of them I can!

Thank you!

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Can you post some pics of them that would help :)

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Here is an image of the fallen pads.

I realize now after researching quite a bit that I've made a poor choice in what I've potted my plant in. Now I'm afraid to replant in anything else because the plants are so fragile.

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The cactus

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The sedum

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First thing that anyone here will tell you, is that your soil is not okay. Don't know if you replanted them yourself of this is from the store. But there's way too much organic stuff in there like peat, twigs, bark... The easiest and best way for you to repot them is to make a 50/50 mix with Cactus & succulent soil and perlite, plus some small decorative rocks on top to prevent perlite float. It will allow much better drainage and should make your plants happier right away.

Also, are your plants grown indoor? If it is, make sure it's at a brightest place possible, and few hours of direct sun is recommended.

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