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mddezyneFebruary 26, 2009

I am currently trying to collect information on 4 season gardening projects that are community based within a larger structure. This is something I am doing a paper about, the viability of a 4 season indoor community gardening project.

I am located in Minnesota, so I am wondering if anyone has heard of any projects that are taking place in northern climates say, at, or above 45 degrees latitude. I haven't had any luck finding any information of larger scale projects, my interest is that some of the abandoned buildings (after some work was done), could be retro-fitted to work with this like a large greenhouse. Links or directions are welcome.

Thank you.


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check out http://www.rochesterroots.org/resources.php. I know they are a community garden, 4 season, and they have a greenhouse, but I do not think they are entirely indoors. It is in upstate NY, so certainly northern enough, I believe, and they work with 3 schools, so the project is not tiny. Hope this helps.

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