I did something bad

janetpetiole(4b)April 20, 2010

I told my husband I wasn't going to buy any plants this year, and I was sincere when I said it, but that was before it got warm and the clematis started to grow. I said it partly because I am changing two of the gardens year, so some clematis will have to be moved. Plus, I still have clematis in the vegetable garden where they spent the winter.

I thought it was a good goal to have considering all the work I have to do, but the garden centers are just starting to get perennials in and my mind wanders all the time wondering what they have this year because the selections change from year to year you know and there is always something available that is on my want list!

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Janet, I am with you! I though my garden is stuffed. I even sold some plants via Craigslist. Then, I saw some fantastic new Lilies and Hellebores - placed a couple of online orders... Then, a new feeder and new Petunias for humming birds... Purple Eucomis bulbs at Costco (I instantly recalled a picture of Miguel's garden...), some herbs, a couple of new exciting Hydrangeas...
Garden Crossings sold out Clematis 'Bijou'. It would be on that list as well.
Will we ever stop???

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opheliathornvt zone 5

If he loves you, he won't mind. Besides, it's been on your want list for a while, and we all know "those" plants don't count!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I have about fifty plants in my pot ghetto but I spent $65 at a sale the other day.....

DH finally expanded my flower beds in the front yard and put siding on the shed though so I will have some extra planting room. Can fit five Clemmies on the shed...

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

I feel for you janet! I told my DH that I wasn't going to buy anymore plants this year, especially since looking at my credit card statements lol. That was until I discovered the idea (again) of potting up! lol
Now I bought 6 more roses, 8 more annuals to pot up around the potted roses, and came home from Lowes with 16 hyacinths!
I know it MUST be an addiction! I have now officially declared myself as having C.H.A.D! Compulsive Horticultural Aquisition Disorder. lol

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Yesterday, I told the husband I had to go to Lowes for something. He didn't ask what, and even though he had to buy some screening, he parked by the garden center. LOL!

I'm glad you mentioned Lowes. I forgot they are having a 2 for one sale on herbs and vegetables today.

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

I say the same thing every year...but what is Spring without the trip to the nursery, winter reading of Plant Catalogs..It's either innate or genetic..I am a Proud member of C.H.A.D. and have given up..happy shopping..happy planting..we are all deliriously happy and doomed eternally to spend Springtime Aquiring and planting..I've give in and up!!..Jeanne

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Our weather is actually better here in fall for planting than spring but the garden centers don't stock nearly as much. There was a great tour of small specialty nurseries mostly wholesale only open for a week to retail but they aren't doing it this year...

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I made my first slip today, but it wasn't my fault. I have seen Piilu at 4 different nurseries this year. I said no every time even though it was the only one that I saw that I wanted.

Today I went to CVS pharmacy to get something, and guess what? They were selling plants there. And guess what else? That's right they had clematis and on a lower shelf there was a flat of Piilu! I took it as a sign that I was meant to buy it. Across the street from CVS was a hardware store that sells plants every year, which is actually one of the better places to buy plants in the area. Guess what they had there? Vino! It was a Donahue's baby that was now very well rooted. I had to get it.

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

I did the same thing Janet, but DH says "See I told you it wouldn't be the last this year"! He knows, and just expects it. :)

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At least our intentions are good :)

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