Mint not growing

blueangel(7b)June 21, 2008

I have this year and last year

planted several differant types

of mint in containers and it

looks great til mid June.

What am I doing that the mint

just dies off.


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Too much sun? Try moving the container out of the midday sun.

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jqpublic(7b/8a Wake County NC)

plant it in the ground...and you'll have it forever! Ours has spread over a 10 foot area in our yard. It seems our herbs need extra watering in the summer. Perhaps a shadier area like others have suggested.

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I have mine in a container on my south-facing porch. It receives no direct sunlight and is jumping out of the pot. I have it in one of those self-watering pots so I can neglect it for two weeks at a time. It loves it.

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Mint is one of those easy to grow plants which when given too much care is easy to kill as well. It really isn't too picky about location and will grow in part sun to full sun. They are also not too picky about soil. I've seen it grow in anything from mulch to clay packed solid as a rock. The best looking plants I have seen are in full sun locations with at least decent drainage. The other elements won't necessarily kill the plants however. The ones I have had potted up absolutely resent small shallow containers and need the soil to be moist but not wet. I have killed them both by over-watering and putting them in too small of a pot. They need plenty of room to spread. With a decent sized container they only need water at the very most every three or four days. I just stick my finger in the pot and if the top two inches of soil is dry then I water it.

Anyway, that is just my personal experience with it over the years. Hope it is at least somewhat helpful. :)


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Thank you all for your tips
and suggestions,the pot is
a large one.It recieves afternoon
sun and is only watered when needed.
Maybe I will try jqpublic suggestion
and plant it in one of the gardens.
LOL ,anyone who has read my post knows
I only have two temporary gardens set up.
Of the other eight beds the smallest being
16x25 are all empty.I still have not decided
what to plant .
Thanks all

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If you wanted to make a permanent bed with different types of mint that would be nice. I wouldn't suggest putting it anywhere to flourish where you might not want it later though. Planting it in the ground in containers helps contain the spread but you will still have to keep an eye on it because they will still run some.

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None of my mints do well in the summer heat. They are winter growers and look their best in fall and spring.

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Should I leave them
in hope that they will
return later,last year
when they died off I just
tossed them.

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Tammy Kennedy

I would- i thought for sure i'd lost the banana mint last fall/winter in a container and this year it looks great! One note- last fall some kind of caterpillar decimated my peppermint. very odd.

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I wouldn't toss them. I would just set them aside until things cool down and then start feeding and watering them again.

None of my mints love being in pots. Only when they are very young plants do they tolerate it well. Once they mature and fill the pot (seemingly overnight) they sulk without daily waterings and regular feedings. Instead I grow most of mine in large plastic trays, it gives them room to roam without invading the garden.

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Thanks John
what type of trays are
you talking about
and were to buy.

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