Blackened almost burnt leaves??

Italfra1April 17, 2013

My clematis vines are coming along nicely. I'm in Northern California and I have don't have flowers yet but the vines
are covered in buds. The vines are really lush and green but yesterday I noticed a few of the upper leaves we're burnt black and shriveled up. It has been crazy windy here for the last week or so. Is it possible the wind and sun dried and burnt a few upper leaves. I'm planning on pinching them off and just keeping and eye on it. Last year was my first year growing clematis and I battled with earwigs but besides a few chewed leaves they did great. Any comments.

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Tender new growth is susceptible to breaking in windy conditions. Some people think it's wilt when in fact it's wind damage. Look for stems that are broken. Follow the damage down the stem until you find where the green growth is present.

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