Anyone In Houston TX Area, Looking for a favor

aslan89March 14, 2013

Does anyone on here live in the Houston area that might be willing to ship me a citrus plant? I just happened upon a nursery yesterday online that carries the Page Mandarin here in Texas. "Buchanan's Native Plants" 611 E 11th Street Houston, Texas 77008

I do live in Texas btw, I'm not asking for anything illegal like shipping out of state lol. I just happen to live about 6 hours away and simply can't go get one myself. I'm a verified paypal user and I would be more than happy to pay in advance if you use paypal.

If anyone is willing to help let me know here, I check the forums several times a day. You can also email me at

This is literally the only place I have ever seen that carries the Page Mandarin, I didn't even know it was in Texas but I guess someone got the budwood :)

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If you have no luck I might be able to get you one.

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Well no luck yet :( It wouldn't hurt to give it a day or two though. I emailed the nursery yesterday and told them where I lived and I would very much appreciate it if they could ship me one and I would be happy to pay any costs but I have not heard back yet. They will most likely say no since they are not a mail order business but I asked very nicely so you never know.

Do you have access to a Page Mandarin where you live?

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I just purchased one the other day at a big box store, they only have 2-3 left. They're fairly large about 5ft tall including the pot. It's a 3 gallon. I could get you one but I'm trying to figure out how to stick it in a box and ship it.

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Thats a good question, I found a place online where I can get a tall box (14x14x49) If the plant could fit at four feet. I saw one on another site that was 10x10x60 which would be ok for height as long as the plant isn't too bushy and could have its branches fit.

If you wouldn't mind the trouble you could buy the plant for me now while they have them and I could order the special box online and just have it sent to you for shipping the plant if you give me your address.

It's up to you though, I hate to ask all this because I know its a pain but I would so very much appreciate it. If you are willing to do this send me an email so that your info isn't posted for everyone on the forum. My email is and thats asLan not asian as some people think haha.

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Btw I saw it mentioned online that people go to Home Depot and Lowe's and just ask nicely and they will give you a big box. Worst come to worst though I can special order some, it's just a little pricey.

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If anyone else has access to one let me know :)

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