Community garden vs co-op

windrider1967February 27, 2011

Last year one of my neighbors and I combined on a shared garden. I live next to a vacant lot that is owned by our local electric co-op and I have sent an email to them to see if we might be able to use a portion of the land for a larger scale community garden.

My question is whether it is in our best interest to run it as a true community garden - assign plots and let everyone run their own or set it up as a co-op where everyone shares the work and the harvest. As I live in a fairly rural area I think the shared might go over easier because while most ppl have the space for a garden they may not have the time to handle many different crops in a large enough scale to make it worthwhile.

Any thoughts?

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Yep! "Shared" usually ends up meaning that just a few do all the work! There will be excuses and some may be valid, but still, the most will fall on a few!

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One way to handle shirkers is to track hours worked, and divide the crops proportionally.

EXAMPLE: If total hours worked that week was 50, and someone worked 3 hours, they get 6% of the harvest (by weight).

No work, no veggies!

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