Where do I order Clematis plants? I'm in GA..

sann777April 5, 2011

Could someone tell me a good online nursery for healthy

clematis? I put up a new tall iron trellis Saturday and I would like to order at least two to run up on it. I would like to get some fairly healthy med to large size. Where is a dependable online nursery? Thanks for the info...Sarah

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A forum member has put together an excellent and very detailed listing of mail order suppliers of clematis. And a review of various threads on the forum will lead you to several, more clematis-specialist nurseries - like Brushwood, Joy Creek, Silver Star Vinery, Completely Clematis, etc. - that tend to offer the widest selection of plants.

And I wouldn't discount local retail nurseries and garden centers -- many carry a pretty decent selection of various clematis in season and typically in larger, ready-to-plant (and often in-bloom) sizes. One can also often find perfectly acceptable plants in the garden center portions of home improvement stores (Lowe's, HD) or mass merchandizers (Walmart, Kmart, etc.).

Here is a link that might be useful: mail order sources for clematis

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Julia NY(6)

I've bookmarked a thread that provides input from members on who they have purchased from. I haven't tried any of them yet as I'm waiting to get closer to my planting date.

I'm sure there are other online resources which may not have been added to the list since it was last updated. Great resource. One other thing to do is check on Dave's GardenWatchdog to see what, if any,feedback has been posted.
Brushwood's is located in Georgia.

Good luck with your selection(s). So many beautiful choices it really becomes hard to decide.


Here is a link that might be useful: Mail Order List

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whoopdedeaux(8b - TX)

You can enjoy sources from coast-to-coast as long as we select suppliers with excellent recommendations for service and quality.

I have always used Debbie with Silver Star Vinery for large, healthy clems and her (free) advice.

I haven't ordered from them, but many others have mentioned Brushwood Nursery as an excellent supplier of slightly smaller but healthy and vigorous clems.

Julia's suggestion to check Dave's Garden Watchdog before placing any order is excellent and is the best way to make certain you get quality products and service. Good luck!

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I agree the others. Silver Star has the largest root system I have gotten on a mail order plant, but Brushwood had plants I could find no where else, and the quality was very good.

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