Starting an apartment community garden - any advice?

mmiesseApril 9, 2013

Hello! A few of the residents (and hopefully more and more) are starting a community garden at our complex. Currently there are about 6 people working on it.

Our space is an 8' x 16' raised bed, and we have countless planters around the property we can utilize.

I have never run any type of garden like this, and have only been gardening for two years - so I am far from even well-trained.

Any advice would be great. What to plant? Drainage tips? Getting involved tips? Anything at all!

Thank you so much!

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About 2 years ago, our church started a community garden. I just received my 2nd plot. It's mostly trial and error. It's like having an in-ground garden, but less weeding. Just set some not pick from other gardens, be mindful if you are doing trellises to not block out sun to adjacent plots (there is about 2 feet between each of our plots, and we have 48), help each other water if you have a spicket, mulch walkways, don't throw weeds and dead plants in walkway - set up a compost area - that what we did....this is some rules we have in ours.

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