help with a project!!!

Mindyw3(5)April 18, 2012

The city is allowing me to use a huge lot next to family services to pit in a produce garden for the tri city food pantry. The lot is a couple acres and full of dense weeds. Since everything has to be volunteer or donated ive been thinking i need to find a local farmer to come in with a tractor. After that my current plan is to solarize beds over the summer and have the first planting this august or so for fall veggies and also to put in some perennials like strawberries and fruit trees if we can get them donated. My question is for anyone who has had to clear or prepare a large area like that without a lot of cash. Im also going to tryt to enlist some of the hort and ag proffessors to get their students to pitch in and for advice. Any advice from you guys would be greatly appreciated!

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