Repotted, now falling over

nikkithechickenJuly 28, 2012

Hi everyone. I am not sure of the name of this guy, but have had it for about 5 years. This is the second time I've had to re-pot. The last pot was a glazed ceramic, which it really thrived in.

Last week I noticed the roots coming out the bottom of the pot, so moved it to a slightly larger terracotta. I used the M.G. brand Cacti soil, which I have used before with no problems, then lightly watered it with M.G. cacti food...

Now its got the gangsta lean. Before, it was firm/ erect. It has not flowered yet this year.

Any insight as to why its leaning would be great. I'm thinking, I should not have watered it so soon after re-potting...? Thanks!

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Mammillaria elongata? And lol at the gangster lean :P mammillaria dont have the structure for being columner, so i think it is natural for it to have a lean ... if you want it to be strait, maybe prop up with rocks, or put in a stake and tie with string

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Thanks, Micro. I am just a bit concerned because prior to repotting, it was firm and sat up straight, now its a little soft and floppy. I'll put some more rocks in the pot and see if that works! =)

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I am not sure, but isn't it recommended not to water right away and not to fertilize right away after repotting too? Maybe if you give it couple of weeks it will recuperate...

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