Does your Improved Meyer Lemon Tree have thorns?

kev843(8)March 23, 2008

Hi everyone,

I know it has been mentioned here before but just wanted

to know how many people have thorns on their tree.

I bought mine from Home Depot the other day and as I have

been researching it to make sure I can keep it happy and

healthy I noticed alot of places saying that they are

nearly thornless!!!Thats not the case with mine.I have

almost inch long thorns on most of my branches.

Does this mean I dont have a real Improved Meyer Lemon

tree???Also it does not have any flowers on it is this


thorns on

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Kev, my Meyer's has thorns..The lable ID'd as Improved Meyer's so I'm assuming it is..Thorns are about 1" long, but don't cover the entire tree/s. (I've more than one Meyers)
Is your tree grafted? What's it's age/height?
Now that days are getting longer, (thank goodness) citrus should flower..the thing about Meyer's, seems they're always in bloom and/or fruit. Make sure your tree is getting enough sun/additional artificial light..Some humidity and fresh, circulating air..Cooler nights help, too. In summer, (if possible) set outside..Fertilize..Toni

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I bought a variegated improved Meyer Lemon at least 4 yrs. ago at Lowe's and it has never had thorns,; it's blooms are heavily scented (and heavenly scented!) and although I only have it in a 10 gallon pot it provides about 10-12 fruits every year. I am in zone 8B in Texas and protect it in the winter. Some people say that they have planted it in the soil in zone 8 B but I just don't trust that.

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Thanks for the replies

Im not sure if its grafted or not,does grafted mean a clone?
Its almost 3 feet tall,dont know how old but you can tell it was pruned before it got to the store.
I live in Charleston SC so I have been able to leave it outside on my deck to get about 8 hours of sun a day.

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