Smith Red Valencia(Blood Orange)

simon_growMarch 9, 2011

Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has tasted a Smith Red Valencia? I recently ordered one from Four Winds and was wondering about the sweetness, acidity and taste of this orange. How does it compare to Moro or Tarocco? Also, since its a Valencia, does this mean the juice will be ok in the refrigerator since it lacks Limonin (not sure if this is correct spelling). Also, just about every single Valencia I've tasted has been wonderfully sweet and tart, a perfect balance, can I expect this from the Smith Red Valencia? Thanks in advance.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

I have, Simon. The one I tasted (I've only had one, which is why I hesitated to say anything, since I don't have long term experience with them) had that sweet/acid balace more like a Valencia orange than the Moro's I've had (have a few in the house right now, in fact.) The Moro's were definitely more "winey" tasting, kind of old fashioned, and I do like the taste. The Smith Red I had wasn't as dark red (although they certainly can be), and tasted sweet with more acid bite, like a Valencia. I just ordered a Smith Red Valencia (or Blood, now that the name has actually changed) from Four Winds, too, just this week in fact. I have a Moro in the ground I planted about 4 or 5 months ago, and it hasn't flushed or flowered, yet, so I pinched it back to try to get it to flush out. That was my experience, and I hope we can get enough heat for the Moro to sweeten up in our area. I think the Smith Red will do just fine, since you and I are in "Valencia territory".

Patty S.

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Thanks for the info Patty, that makes me feel better about my purchase. The Smith Red Valencia I ordered from FourWinds is pretty small but it is flowering already. I will probably pick up a Moro and also a regular Valencia since I love fresh squeezed orange juice.

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