Community Garden in Springfield, Oregon

Cynthia - 8May 19, 1999

Hello fellow gardeners. We have a new community garden opportunity in the Game Farm Road area of Springfield, Oregon. The plots are a good size, and we're in the process of constructing a greenhouse. Excess crops are donated to Food for Lane County. For more information call Food for Lane County.

This is a great way to get to know your neighbors! Even if you already have a garden at home, a little extra plot of land is always nice!!

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Len Goforth 8

This is good news. I'll contact Food for Lane county. I'm interested in getting a plot. I've been on the long waiting list for a plot in the community garden at Meadow park which lies between Pioneer Parkway and Mill Street.

This is good news. More people are becoming aware of good eating habits. More people want community parks so that they have access to growing their own food, access to a little exercise, and access to the fulfillment that comes from nurturing your own garden.

Where is more good news? How much land can be made available by Willamilane Parks and Recreation in areas of their parks that have low traffic? How much land can be made available by the school district temporarily until they make use of land that lies unoccupied? Why is no advertising available about these community parks? Why are there no polls sent to the general public regarding their interest in having a plot in a community garden? And why are people, after waiting years to get a plot, getting their plot then holding onto it for an indefinite amount of time? Where is the sharing of this available resource?

I need more information. Help me. Help me spearhead a drive to make more land available for these community gardens. Eugene has many gardens. Springfield, in comparison, to my knowledge, has few. Where is this knowledge? Who do I talk to. How many places can be used that can help seniors lower their food costs, get some exercise, and have the satisfaction of helping themselves and others?

One new garden is good news. Ten new gardens would be great news! A plot that is approx 10x4 can grow a substantial amount of tomatoes -- enough for them, enough for added income, and still some left over to donate to any charity, whether it be Food for Lane County or some other agency. Yes! This is good news. I want more -- enough to serve everyone interested, and encouragement for those who remain uninformed about the benefits of gardening.

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