Thinking of Joining a Community Garden

kcg1231(9b)May 6, 2014

Hello all,

I am thinking about renting a plot from the community garden. I do have my own veggie beds, but they do not get the best, consistent light in the fall (our second growing season here in Florida) and I thought it would make a nice overflow garden in the spring with big things like tomatoes and squash that I haven't had the best luck with in my small garden.

The organization provides a plot, soil, mulch and water (drip irrigation on a timer) in a fenced (locked) property. I think it sounds like an amazing and inexpensive way to get a little more production out of my garden, I do have some questions about it from those who have participated in community gardens:

1) How often do you need to go after the initial planting? I baby my own garden, but I don't have the water on a timer. Do you think 1x a week during the growing season and 2-3x during harvest would be sufficient?

2) Have you experienced theft in locked gardens? I am a little nervous about putting a ton of work into my garden only to have the "fruits" of my labor taken when ripe!

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1) it depends. My CG is at the Ames/TrueTemper QH and there is quite a few weeds. I have to go 3 times a week to keep the bind weed in check. I need to figure out how to keep my 84 year old Father from roto-tilling the heck out of it every spring, chopping all the bindweed roots into 6 billion new plants!

2)Ours is not locked, but the plant is open 24/7 and the parking lot and garden is under video surveillance. I'm sure there is a bit of snitching that goes on, I'd be lying if I said I never snuck a strawberry or two, but nobody has ever been cleaned out,that I'm aware of.

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