brugs versus datura

marricgardensOctober 30, 2013

I planted 2 daturas this year and they did beautifully. I planted the seed in late Feb/early March and they flowered 5 months later. I have been reading on another post that Brugmansias take 9 months to a year to flower. Am I correct in thinking brugs take longer to flower than Daturas? Why? Marg

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Brugs are perennials whereas Datura are considered annuals. Annuals bloom set their seed and die once frost hits them. Brugs usually take a year or two to flower from seed just depending on what zone you live in and how much sunlight, warmth, and fertilizer they are getting.

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Thanks! I didn't realize Brugs were perennial.

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They're treated as perennials in the south, but can't take freezing temps. So, in the north, they're treated as annuals or brought in for over-wintering.

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Actually, some brugs are root-hardy in Zone 7. I have several that I cut back to ground level and mulch in, and they pop back up each spring. The hard, woody trunks can withstand a few hours as low as 27 degrees, but all the tender green parts are goners with the first frost.

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I find that to be so with Brugmansia as well
They can take a fare bit of cold. and yet come back from the ground.
Actually I have some Datura here in Canada, well it is one particular Datura, that was given to me by a Japanese fellow that comes back, not always, but often from the original plant left out in the cold of winter here.
I now have several plants of this original one and keep seeds So always have some Seeds even come up that where left out in the yard overwinter. Is a long white but with a bluish tint to the flower Not fragrant at
all. I sort of treasure the plant as the man who gave it to me maybe ten years ago, is now diseased

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