Need Estimates on Worm Farm Project ASAP.

EcopalMay 4, 2012

Hey Everybody,

O.K. I belong to a club called The Urban Paradise Guild and we are starting a Community Garden and we need estimates on our worm farm program. We have been trying to figure out the amount of materials and the overall cost for the project. The founder of this project sent me this email.

I am writing a grant, and need very simple info and pricing in order to make estimates.

I am not looking for an incredibly detailed price list.

A real-world estimate of the cost of a whole system would be ideal.

Please send it in this format:

Price - Size (Home or School) - System Description

Let me set some clearer objectives:

You will be looking at sizes 1 & 2.

I will be doing size 3 (industrial)


Composting & Vermacomposting

We need to make composting happen using worms.

This will provide the best possible soil for UPG and Partners.


1. Hobbyist / Home:

Small systems suitable for personal use.


2. Community Garden / School:

Medium sized, professional grade systems. Suitable for use at sites that have large demands.

What I need are $$ figures for:

purchase of equipment

training for operators

materials needed

If anybody has done this before I could use some help because time is a factor.

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Thanks for sharing threads. I can use this format and estimate of cost of a whole system in future. I am also waiting for the reply.

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