How do I find out which pruning group?

linnea56(z5 IL)April 22, 2014

I don't know how to determine what group these are in for pruning. 1 or 2? I know they are not fall: I have sweet autumn clematis too.

They are Huldine, which is a white, a double white whose name I can't recall, which has only a few flowers each year, and Polish Spirit, a purple one with 4 petals on each flower.

Huldine, which is 4 years old, has thus far not bloomed, or if it did, I missed it, so I don't know when it is supposed to. The Polish Spirit is a huge vigorous tangle right next to it, and has grown and bloomed just fine. Thanks!

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linnea55, There are many great websites that list most clematis and what pruning group they are.
I have a printed list from my last purchase of clematis.
Huldine is a type 3, that means it needs to be cut back in late winter early spring, hard, meaning less than 12"-24" If you have not cut it back, that may be the reason you haven't seen any blooms. It blooms on new wood. Huldine should be a great bloomer! Dutches of Edinburg could be your double white, if it is, I have been a little disappointed in mine. It is a type 2, blooming on old and new wood. Polish Spirit is a type 3, it should be pruned hard as well. These are two good websites, there are many more also. You can also just google the name and pruning. You may find different opinions on each variety the more you search, and under different circumstances.
Good luck, Debra

Here is a link that might be useful: Home of Clematis

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