Managing residency requirements & waiting lists?

LizzaNVAMay 8, 2014

I'm wondering how other community gardens manage their waiting lists and residency requirements. I finally got a plot in my county of Alexandria, VA after 3 years on the waiting list. So in my conversations with my fellow gardeners I've learned that many are not residents in Alexandria but rather live in other counties that often have MORE gardens available. Plus there are gardeners with more than one plot within a family. It's not fair to the residents who pay the taxes. Yes, they pay about $15-30 more a year but that's pocket change to these folks. I understand why they stay. This is the most strict organic garden in the area. It also often takes several years to get a plot going (amending the soil/removing weeds) so they've invested time, sweat equity, and all the stuff they used to amend their soil. Also, several I spoke with were residents of Alexandria when they joined the waiting list but have since moved.

What do other CG's do in these cases? I'd like to pass any info onto the organizer. Thanks!

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I am part of Reston Garden plots. One must be a resident in order to obtain a plot. No outsiders no matter what. We have 4 here in Reston. They check to see if someone lives where they say they live. There are no exceptions to the rules. Theres a waiting list here too.
I think that each county should only rent to their own residents.

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