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Vix Kennedy - S.E. MichiganMay 18, 1999

Hello out there! I am designing a community garden

that has as its primary target the physically, mentally,

emotionally and dysfunctionally disabled people, including

children. This is termed an "enabling garden."

Because this garden is to be on municipal property, my

committee has had to jump through quite a few

hoops to get to our present point. If there are any designers out there who wish to know more about our plans and what hoops we had to negotiate, please

let me know and I will respond ASAP. ~~~Vix

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Joan Van Fulpen

Hi Vix,
Where are you located?

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aunita erskine

Hi Bob! fancy finding you here!!! remember to keep me in mind for volunteer work when you get things started. I'm deep in the throes of trying to refurbish and redesign and replant the Native Plant Exhibition Garden at Furstenberg Nature Center. I't been nice because I've had great support from Natural Area Preservation, and the advantage is that it's already in a park-owned area. I'm learning alot about both volunteer recruitment and organinization, teaching, and of course the plants themselves. let me know how things are going up there!

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Kay Chamberlin - arizona

I am from Phx. Az. I need to find info. on stating a community garden in my neborhood if you could help me it would be appreciated

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Sue Gillespie - zone 6

I am a landscape designer in cincinnati ohio and i get commissions for work on municipal properties from time to time also. I am interested to know what kinds of legal hoops u have encountered. Permits, funding, authorizations, town council meetings, etc. These are all part of the fun (haha!!)and i would love to compare notes. Maybe we could exchange some useful tips too!

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Eden Schwartz

Your project sounds really interesting .I have been trying to get a youth run community garden going. The therapeutic, social, and economic benefits are enormous. It Is difficult to get a group that will sponsor it. I believe that the funding will prove less difficult. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hello! I am doing a research project on community gardening and am wondering if anyone out there has any good sources (sites, books, magazines, etc.)so I can get to know the subject.

Thank you,


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Cynthia Salyers

I am currently trying to begin a non profit organization in my area which will promote gardening and the arts in schools and low-income communities. If anyone has any information that they feel may be useful, I would appreciate it. If there is anything that I might be able to help with, let me know. We can compare notes and suggestions. Peace:) Cindy

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Janco du Plessis

I am a town and regional planner student doing my thesis on urban agriculture. I would like to get some information on community gardens

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Desiree - Western Australia

Hi ... my name is Desiree and I would love to know what processes people or groups have gone through in order to set up a Community Based garden ... as a working living breathing asset for people and children from all walks of life ... Any information or inspiration would be gratefully recieved ...
thanks ... and good luck in your quest if you are doing anything similar

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