Kris - VA/7May 14, 1999

Just happened to be looking at the forums I usually check--thought to myself, "I didn't know there was a Community Gardens Forum"--lo and behold, it's brand new.

I'm gardening in a community garden this year. It's a 20X30 foot plot, but I'm afraid my part of the garden has shrunk considerably--I shared it with two friends! Looking forward to hearing about everyone else's gardens.

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Gordon - 5

Have gardened "community wise" for many years. Our plots are approx. 25 x 50'. Each spring they are rototilled, which makes it convenient to prepare the soil. We pay $35 for the use of each plot and that includes the tilling and water service all summer. Last summer, mine was the envy of the community. I mulched my plot heavily with straw. We had a pretty dry summer, so my plot produced in spite of the lack of rain. Water is available, but it does take a lot of time to sit there and watch the sprinkler do the job. The mulch saved time and held the moisture in.
Tried an extremely early tomato last summer. They started producing in mid July - very unusual for Michigan. They are from Parks seed Co. and are a little bigger than the salad tomatoes, but produce profusely.
This year I'm adding another plot and planting scads of potatoes. I usually end up giving away most of my produce because my kids are grown. Since most of us are retired, we often sit and have a good time just watching the gardens grow.
An added attraction is that we often spy deer. No, they don't eat much and they are a welcome sight in the middle of the city. Have a great day.

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Sue Boyle - Sth Hemis

Hi There
I co-ordinate the comm. gardens in Wellington, New Zealand. It is mainly for those in high-density housing or on low-incomes. We have 8 sites around town growing organic veg.Great to see people out enjoying their patch and sharing produce
anyway winter coming here but hiope you have a provident spring

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spike - 7

Having moved to an "in town" location about three years ago, I missed my veggie garden. I signed up for a community garden this year--only took a small 10X15 plot, but am looking forward to it. We had our first meeting yesterday, and elected officers and learned the protocol etc. It looks like it will be fun and educational, as well. Can't wait to get planting!!

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Susie-Que_The Philly Girl - 6B

dear friends,
i have been involved in benjamin rush community garden for 5 years now. between myself and my brother we have 6 plots that measure 30 by 30.
this year i have played a smaller roll due to the fact that i am currently going to floral design school and working as a part time florist in the market i work at.
its like working 2 jobs and going to school.
so bro is 'holding' my part of the ground till i can get to it.
he tills it and weeds it and keeps it well watered...what a great guy...please don't tell him i said'll go right to his head.
i am willing to help anyone who may have a question about thier gardens as well as anyone who is concerned about community garden 'politics'.
feel free to e mail me at any time....and best of luck to one and all.


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