Tuberose ?

itzybitzy_gw(7NC)June 11, 2013

Hi guys, last(late) June I was given 2 or 3 tuberose'bulbs" they were label as "tuberose the double kind ready to be planted", so knowing nothing about them I put them in a pot and quickly they started growing foliage and didn't have time to bloom before cold weather arrive so they spent the winter in a black nursery pot with mulch, to my surprise earlier in spring I notice the little guys poking thru the mulch so I got them out and it was a huge clump, I'm not kidding is like 1 foot across so I planted them on the ground and is growing good foliage but no sign of blossoms anytime soon, so my ? is when do they usually bloom? or was I suppost to separate the clump? the place where I planted it gets afternoon sun about 6hrs.ish any tips,advice or experiences welcome and thanks in advance:)

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Tuberose blooms late summer. They are not winter hardy. You have to protect them from winter. They smell very good and they are one of my favorites.

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My tuberose have been blooming for more than 2 weeks now. These are from 5 bulbs I bought on ebay (from someone in TN) in February of 2011. Last year, I split the bulbs from one pot into 3. This year I didnt have time to split and all 3 pots are extremely crowded. These are 10 to 12 inch pots and one pot has about 20-30 flowering stems. They smell awesome in the evenings and are covered with bumble bees and other insects through out the day. One pot has the double variety whereas the other 2 pots are all singles. The doubles look like little Gardenias. These should continue blooming until frost. I will try and post pictures later.

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woodsworm(7a NC)

Zoning may be an issue here. I notice that ninrejoshi is in 7b. I used to live in 7b and tuberoses were successful there.

My experience here in 7a is that they bloom the first year or maybe two and then, whether divided or not, do not bloom again but produce enormous foliage and roots. They bloom so late that they don't have enough growing time here after the blooms to make bulbs for next year; at least that's my theory. They are winter hardy in my yard. They just don't bloom again.

Itzybitzy, I hope you are in 7b.

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coorscat(6 and 9)

What a beautiful picture!

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