Is my lemon tree dead after freezing?

nomes1March 10, 2007

I have a dwarf (Meyers?) lemon tree in my yard that's been flourishing for years. I think this last brutal winter has done it in though. All the leaves are brown and dry. Is there any chance that it will come back? I didn't know enough to cover it to protect it from the freeze. :(

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jbclem(z9b Topanga, Ca)

Take a look at the branches...are they green. Take your finger nail and scrape off a bit from a branch(if brown or a non-green color) or the trunk and see if there is green underneath. I have a Tarrocco blood orange that was affected by the cold (20 deg. and I didn't protect it)but it still have some green branches(and many brown leaves of course) so I'm waiting to see what happens, and there's a branch leafing out but it seems to be a water sprout coming from below the graft. At least that's a good sign that something is still alive.

Since you've had it for years, I's say it's worth waiting for if you see any signs of life. One thing I did for all my citrus was water them with B-1 (or use Superthrive) ...first they suffered from the hot summer, then the cold seemed like the genteel thing to do.


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