Need Urban Farmers to Help Start Gardening Non-Profit

CityBountyMay 5, 2012

Hi Everyone,

My name is Pam Allen and I am trying to get this non-profit off the ground.

I am looking for two other people in my area who would be willing to sit on the board and help make this dream happen. Come to the forum and post if you are interested in leading or if you just want to join in and help or even if you just have gardening knowledge that might be helpful.

We are about sharing seed, starts, harvests, and elbow grease and growing food in unused land and rooftops using intensive methods such as Aquaponics and Intensive Raised Beds, to grow as much as possible in a small space. The produce we raise will be used by our emergency food system and given away to our neighbors as they join in the harvest.

Thanks to any who might want to be part of this.

Pam Allen

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Hi "CityBounty", the link you had shared in threads is not working. With your website how can I get all information and a cleared knowledge about your work.

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