Temporary fencing for my plot

happygardener23May 7, 2012

I'm new to community gardening and I have rented 2 plots side by side for a total of 1200 sq. ft (30ft. by 40ft.). As I'm prepping the space I've noticed that many other "plot holders" are constructing fencing around their plots, which leads me to believe that theft and/or wildlife is a problem. The fencing ranges from chicken wire up to plastic mesh "construction" type fencing. It must be temporary because you cannot leave anything up in your plot from year to year, so whatever I construct I'll have to take down in the fall and put back up next spring should I decide to grow again.

I would like something sturdy but not something that will break the bank. I've priced the plastic fencing out at $50 for the length I'll need. My challenge is with the supports. From looking at others, I'll need about 24 supports, spaced at the 4 corners and roughly every 6 ft. It looks like metal fence posts are the sturdiest option with zip ties to attach the mesh, but at Home Depot, the fence posts run around $5 each, bringing my fencing costs in the neighborhood of $200 with tax. A little steep, and I'm not sure how the mesh will hold up to being taken down/put up year to year, not to mention storing the supports. Are there other suggestions for safe, sturdy, and less expensive supports or other fencing ideas that I'm missing?


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I would go for the plastic fencing, should be sufficient. Maybe you should talk to other holders regarding their experiences and why they chose their particular fence type.

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Just wanted to let you know that we have a deer fence all around our community garden and it is plastic. it works great to keep out deer but the rabbits or groundhogs have chewed holes right through the plastic and have the run of our garden and so far no one has been able to grow a single bean plant to maturity! They leave the tomatoes and squash etc alone but beans are a no go as are green peppers...every green leaf has been eaten off the peppers as well. So choosing your fence might impact what kind of critters you have and what you want to grow!

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I wish I'd seen this earlier! You can rent panels of construction-grade chainlink fencing for practically nothing. I rent them for $3 per 12ft section per month for my community garden and I highly, highly recommend them! They have stands that come with them and could not be more simple to set up and take down. The panels are too heavy for one person to lift and moving them is difficult enough to deter theft.

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I know this is an old post but I use snow drift fence in my raised beds its cheap and you can often get it for free in the spring. It is for keeping out people not animals in my case...For animals I spray my veggies with hot pepper oil.

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