meyer lemon

queensinfoMarch 13, 2013

I want to purchase one that will live in a container (either indoor year round or on balcony during nice weather). The balcony is partially shaded by the house but does face south and gets direct midday/afternoon sun.

Any recommendations on where i should buy it? I plan to use Al's gritty mix for the soil. Any other citrus that will "do better" or "be easier" to grow? Anyone else grow dwarf bananas indoor/outdoor in this type of climate?

I plan to read up on the vast amount of info out there but need to order one to get started. I am also planning on purchasing some blueberries and want to combine the orders if possible.

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also, given the choice would you prefer "bush" form or tree form. One place i contacted had both.

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I think you need to find out how tall your lemon might grow, if it is grafted onto dwarf rootstock. And then measure how tall your doorways are. Someday you'll want to move that plant...

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