Funkiest root you have ever seen? (URGENT)

bkvlad21July 24, 2014

Following Joe's advice and other great minds' I have re-potted my Jade into a gritty mix and into a smaller pot.

Everyone was curious about the rootball of my Jade...
Well... "ball" you say?

Because the horisontal part of the jade is so wide, I had to place my jade all the way one the side once again (in order to fit into an even smaller pot - which was suggested)

Did I make everything right? What does it mean? Should I repot once again ASAP in order to place my Jade in the middle of a bigger pot so that she would be able to develop normal roots?
HELP! :)

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Nice looking soil, first of all. But yes.. that root looks quite abused and have not much left. I don't see the point of repotting again so soon, plus there's simply not much you can do at the moment. I don't think it matters if the plant is centered or not, at least for now it doesn't.

Leave it in that nice soil and see what happens in 2-3 weeks. Feel free to post updates here.

Good luck!

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Why not just cut off the 'horizontal' section completely, leaving that first small root before the cut? I think the plant will grow better without it. You are making things more complicated than they need to be.


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Too long a part of the stem buried into the soil, so such roots are growing. Roots rose from each internode.


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Leave it in the soil and when you repot it again in a couple years then you'll see what happens

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Me, I would cut at just below the first root as mentioned above. AND I would look around for another cutting. 8 years makes me really wonder about if the cells are so old and cemented in their habit of non thriving that it might be hard to change. (This is non scientific thinking and the pessimist in me). Failure to thrive and hanging on might be all it can do.

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