Calamondin orange blossoms won't open

CMac63March 7, 2012


I have a calamondin orange tree that I saved from a neighbor's garbage can. I treated it successfully for mealy bug infestation and now it's producing lots of blossoms. The trouble is, none of them are opening. Some have dried up and fallen off. Also, most of the leaves have fallen off the bottom of the plant. The plant is in the original plastic pot. Thanks for any help.

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Well, we need photos. And, I suspect your little tree might be a bit root bound since it's in its original pot? Lastly, how well are you watering? Over or under watering can cause blossom drop, as can not enough light. Photos will help us better diagnose your problem :-)

Patty S.

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Last year I received a calamondin tree for my birthday. It flowered throughout the autumn and produced twelve wee oranges. This year, the tree has doubled its size and is loaded with blossoms since May. They will not open and many are turning brown and falling off. The tree seems healthy and does not shed leaves.
I am uploading a picture to help diagnose my problem.
Thank you........

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For some reason the picture did not upload. I downsized it, and am trying again.

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