Homemade Fertilizer Recipe

sayhellonowApril 12, 2010

There is a homemade clematis fertilizer that uses beer and epsom salts. Does anyone have the recipe and, if so, when should I begin using it, and how often?

Thanks so much, in advance!

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If you do a search under "miracle clematis fertilizer" you will see a link to an alternate gardening forum (can't mention here) that has the recipe. Otherwise you can fork out the $20 bucks for the "book" written by this supposed expert (whose expertise seems to be limited to ripping people off!).

As I teach classes on horticulture and soils and fertilizers in particular, I wouldn't touch this stuff with a ten foot pole! It does NOT provide the full range of plant nutrients and what it does provide can be very harmful if the concoction is missapplied. It also does nothing to encourage a healthy soil life, which is critical to good plant growth. If you want to use a homemade 'fertilizer', make your own compost. Supplement that with alfalfa meal or alfalfa meal tea. Otherwise, any commercial rose or tomato fertilizer (organic preferred) will work equally as well.

FWIW, be wary of any fertilizer that reputedly results in amazingly rapid and lush growth or promises miracles. That is NOT how fertilizers are supposed to work and lush, rapid growth is prone to all sorts of insect and disease issues and is vulnerable to temperature swings. Slow and steady is what you want, which any proper fertilizing program will achieve.

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1 can beer
1 cup epsom salt
1/2 cup ammonia
2 cups water

Mix together and add 1/2 oz to 1 gallon of water, feed every 2 weeks.

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