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marricgardensOctober 11, 2013

This is the first year I ever grew brugs and I grew 2 brugs this summer. First I don't know the difference between daturas and brugs so I'm guessing they are brugs. The flowers on mine are upright but some hang down if that makes any difference. I started mine from seed I received in trade. They were about 1' by the time they were planted outside. The flowers were beautiful, triple yellow and double purple. I looked inside the flowers to see if I could try hybridizing them but saw nothing there I could use. How do you hybridize them? Can you graft them (a new interest)? I also saw someone had trained theirs into a standard. How long did that take? Do you just keep cutting off the bottom branches? I'd love to try it. I took seeds from mine and will grow them inside for the winter. I chose to do it this way because I just don't have the room to bring in a 4' plant and they are so easy to grow from seed. Any advice? Marg

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Sounds as if you have daturas...they're beautiful also.
You'll have to take brug in to winter over where you are...
right? Are you wanting brug cuttings?
Let me know. I'm sure that I'll have something.


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I'm in Ontario, Canada. I've taken seeds from my daturas and will start more this winter. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to graft daturas? I wanted to try hybridizing but didn't see anything in the bloom I could work with. I'm also interested in making a standard. Thanks for the offer though. Marg

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

Marric, there was a GardenWeb member named ' Blicon ' that did a lot of work with hybridizing Datura. You can enter that name in the search engine at the base of this Brug forum and see threads he stared about this. He has since retired and sold his nursery business.

Some work has been done with grafting but I think it was done mostly with Brugs, not Datura.
Datura are considered as 'annuals' and bloom easily within a month or so of starting their seeds so it is really an unnecessary exercise to go to the bother of bringing in plants for the winter. Just plant your seeds about the end of March or beginning of April in our zone and you will get blooms likely by June.

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I found an article on DG telling the differences between daturas and brugs. Datura seeds have spines on them and brugs have 'dimples'. Mine had dimples. I'm going to start one inside and try to shape it into a standard. I'll do a search for 'Blicon'. Thanks for the info. Marg

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My white Datura has spines and my purple has dimples (haven't grown the yellow). They are round about the size of a large walnut. Brugmansia pods are elongated.

I start my Dats as Ruth described. But, keep us posted on how it goes. It should be a fun project.


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Here are my two, both had dimpled seed pods. Can anyone tell me if they are daturas or brugs? The first one is a full triple yellow, the second one is a part time double, it only doubles sometimes. Marg

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Those are pretty Daturas, Marg.

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a Post Highlighting Both

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Thanks for the identifying them as daturas. I checked out the link, mine never got quite that big but then I had mine in pots. Thanks for the help everyone. Marg

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Mine don't get that big either, but the OP on that post lives in Pakistan. I have found that they get larger if planted in the ground.


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Beautiful daturas !

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Jesse Ortiz(9)

Yes they do get bigger when planted in the ground. I have a double purple datura in my front yard for 4 years now and it's about 7 ft tall. It blooms a lot for the most part of the year and it gives tons of seed pods.

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To see a menagerie of Brugs in all their glory:

Monika Gottschalk is the Brugmansia Queen. Her site is in German, though you can hit the Fotografia or Meine Garten buttons to see her work. And swoon.

Brugs are taller tree-like plants with pendant blooms and Daturas are more shrubby in stature with upright chalice-like blooms. They are considered weeds in their native habitat and all parts of the plant are poisonous. I have a golden yellow called Charles Grimaldi. A Frosty Pink (quite hardy), and a white that is named Betty Marshall. She's being feisty and not growing fast at all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Monika Gottschalk

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elysianfields, thanks for the great link! I've bookmarked it and look at it later when I have more time. Marg

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